ThriVersA Self-Checkout

Software That Allows You to Manage SCO With the Rest of Your Business

ThriVersA Self-Checkout is a manageable, cost-effective way to offer your customers a self-checkout (SCO) option. This solution is simply a different user experience of our point of sale offering, ThriVersA POS. The transaction workflow is optimized so consumers can easily scan their items, verify charges, and pay without assistance. Because our SCO solution is part of a comprehensive and accessible modular system, transactions are seamless. There’s no need to use a traditional point of sale (POS) terminal to perform specific functions.

ThriVersA Self-checkout

Get an Insider’s Look into How ThriVersA Works

Want to learn more about how we built our SCO UI for full customizability and how the SCO shares data with the entire ThriVersA ecosystem? Reach out to get the details from a member of our team.

Explore the Advantages of an SCO Solution from LOC Software

With over 30 years of experience at the forefront of retail management systems, LOC delivers an SCO solution tailored to the industry’s needs and consumer demands.

Point of Sale

POS Configuration

  • All POS features and functionality are readily available at the SCO.
  • Security weight management is built-in; no additional solution is necessary.
  • Age verification and manager alerts are customizable for the best CX.



  • Our SCO solution is browser-based allowing connectivity from any device.
  • Retailers with limited space can deploy ThriVersA on small-footprint devices.
  • Choice of hardware helps keep self-checkout solution costs low.


Loyalty and Customer Engagement

  • All promotions work the same way on SCO as on a traditional POS terminal.
  • Configure the system to create discount codes and generate coupons.
  • Leverage customer data to make relevant, personalized offers.

System Management

System Management

  • All data is held within one software system, enabling real-time, on-demand access.
  • Manage and control all devices and connected peripherals from a centralized HQ.
  • Access reports and system data by logging into the system from any location.

Try Our SCO System for Yourself

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