ThriVersA System Management

Take Control and Increase Visibility into Your Entire Retail IT Environment

ThriVersA System Management is the toolbox IT directors and their teams have dreamed of for decades. This solution empowers IT teams in mid-market companies to manage multiple point of sale (POS) terminals and devices across their entire organizations. It enables control of data flow, communications, and setup. It even gives IT teams the power to control connected peripherals, all from a centralized command center. This budget-friendly tool eliminates the need for IT resources to travel to each site to provision or update devices or to rely on outsourced IT services.


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LOC Software has more than three decades at the forefront of retail management, including empowering IT teams with the visibility, data, and control necessary to maintain peak system performance. Contact us to discuss how to enhance your operation.

Experience Next-Generation IT System Management

ThriVersA System Management works seamlessly with ThriVersA POS and back office solutions to make data accessible and optimize retail performance.

Cloud Computing

  • Easily review reports by logging in from a browser on any device.
  • Create and store cloud data backups to ensure data accessibility.
  • Reduce costs with no onsite servers to install or maintain.

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Enterprise IT Management

  • All logs for each store, lane, or checkout are available on demand.
  • Access error and audit trails for individual systems in real time.
  • Check connectivity status and sync data flow and communications.


POS Configuration

  • Centrally manage devices in each lane or checkout, including peripherals.
  • Configure and update screens remotely for enterprise-wide consistency.
  • Adjustments and updates do not interfere with store operations or CX.


Warehouse Support

  • Coordinate data sharing and communications across locations.
  • Gain visibility into inventory at each location and track transfers.
  • Automate data management for greater efficiency and accuracy.

See ThriVersA System Management in Action

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