juillet 9, 2024

Agent Option Added to LOC Channel Partner Program

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Why LOC Added an Agent Option to Our Channel Partner Program

We know channel partner relationships can be mutually beneficial, even if they don’t all follow the same model. So, we are expanding our channel partner program to include an Agent option. Our Agent program is a LOC-supported model that allows you to confidently offer a sophisticated product like LOC’s ThriVersA, our modular retail management software, even if you aren’t an expert in the retail or grocery point of sale (POS) space.

The ThriVersA SaaS Model

The central component of our Agent program is our Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model. Agents sell ThriVersA software on a subscription basis, rather than licenses for on-premises installation. Even though your customers’ ThriVersA solutions aren’t running on their own servers, they each have a separate virtual environment with their unique settings and personalizations. Users log into their systems through their web browsers on any compatible devices they choose.

Our SaaS solution is an attractive option to your customers for several reasons. Besides decreasing the amount of IT hardware and infrastructure required onsite to run their POS and back office systems, it also simplifies administration. Managers have centralized control, allowing them to configure screens, push updates, and manage peripherals across their entire operations to ensure consistency and compliance.

The SaaS model also makes scaling to new locations and managing a multi-store environment easier with control and visibility into all devices running ThriVersA in every store. Furthermore, managers can log into the system with username and password from any internet-connected device to access reports and keep a close watch on operations.

How Agents Partner with LOC to Sell ThriVersA SaaS Solutions

SaaS model benefits will resonate with your customers and prospects. However, it also has advantages for our channel partners. Because ThriVersA replaces the client-agent model with browser-based delivery, deployment is fast and easy. Although hardware installation still requires onsite visits, you can handle ThriVersA SaaS implementation and management remotely. It saves you time and money, but it also allows LOC to partner with you to ensure customer success with ThriVersA.

What LOC Provides

Project Management and Configuration

We handle project coordination, system setup, access rights, the hardware profile, and store details. LOC identifies, configures, and installs links, plugins and ThriVersA payment options. We also take care of email and eCommerce configurations.

Support for the Application

LOC handles installation, updates, and back-of-store availability.

Agent Enablement

LOC provides training so you have deep knowledge of ThriVersA and your clients can confidently rely on you for support and service.

Agents Focus on Customers

With LOC in your corner for technical support, you can take the lead on customer-facing aspects of the relationship. Agents support the use of the application, for example, handling item maintenance, vendor management features, reporting, and cashier balancing operations. Agents also address customer-specific requirements with ThriVersA modules, including Fidélité, Chaîne d’approvisionnement, Gestion d’entrepôts, and System Management.

Agents also provide customer training, setting up a schedule to walk customers through point of sale and back-office features and workflows. Agents also provide help desk training and “train the trainer” services.

How LOC’s Current Point of Sale Resellers Can Take Advantage of the Agent Program

Undeniably, LOC’s Agent program can help more businesses equip retailers and grocers with our flexible, feature-rich software. However, it can also benefit our current value-added resellers (VARs).

For instance, offering ThriVersA via the SaaS model removes a substantial portion of the complexity of managing systems with a range of customizations. The SaaS model and LOC support help to standardize installs. Rest assured that customization is still possible when necessary, but POS resellers will see that ThriVersA is highly configurable so it’s able to meet the majority of retailers’ and grocers’ needs.

VARs may also choose the Agent model for some of their accounts to leverage LOC resources. Making LOC a bigger part of your team to cover tasks after employee turnover or when your business is growing beyond your capacity can help you maintain growth during ebbs and flows in your business.

Finally, the SaaS model and LOC support will just make sense for some accounts from a time and financial perspective. It’s an option you can choose when it’s most beneficial to your business.

Our Commitment to Our Channel Partners

LOC’s mission is “Optimizing Retail Success, Your Way,” but that doesn’t only apply to our end users. Establishing our Agent program is a major stride toward making success more achievable for Agents and our long-time channel partners.

With the launch of our Agent program, you have the option to partner with us strategically, choosing the model that best suits your business and your market.

How to Become a LOC Channel Partner

Nous contacter to learn more, and, if you’re new to LOC, start the process of joining our network of channel partners