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Consumers who need fuel, food, and drink, health and hygiene products, and even lottery tickets know where they can stop to purchase them – fast. However, widely diverse inventory and complying with age verification and tax laws while keeping customers happy create significant challenges. Overcome barriers with LOC convenience store software. Our modular software suite allows you to choose the functionality you need to operate efficiently while delivering loyalty-building customer experiences. You can also target promotions based on customer purchase history, market at fuel pumps to increase store traffic and offer the convenience of placing online orders. LOC supports revenue growth strategy through upselling and loyalty as well.


Take the Next Step to Greater Efficiency and Success

LOC gives you the power to create a convenience store software solution with the right feature set for your business now and the ability to adapt or expand it in the future.

Explore the Possibilities with LOC Convenience Store Software

Convenience store operations require retailers to offer diverse offerings, including fuel, groceries, made-to-order foods, and traditional retail merchandise. Our C-store POS software enables you to manage it all through a single, comprehensive platform.

ThriVersA Fuel is fully integrated with LOC point of sale and payments to create a robust (non-branded) fuel system at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It also provides real-time reporting to help you manage fuel sales compliantly.

We have designed our loyalty software to be the most robust and flexible in the industry. It allows you to expand your rewards program to all types of purchases, from groceries and store merchandise to made-to-order foods and fuel.

Build customer satisfaction with self-service solutions. Deploy kiosks for your prepared food customers that allow them to order precisely what they want.  LOC also supports small-footprint self-checkout solutions to keep lines short.

LOC’s Real-World Impact

The transition was effortless, with minimal training required, and most importantly, our customers found the system easy to use.
— Holley’s Piggly Wiggly

Solutions for Every Part of Your Business

LOC allows you to build a fully integrated convenience store POS system that provides you with data for informed decision-making and management control over every area of your operation.

Learn How Next-Generation Convenience Store POS System Will Benefit Your Business

Don’t settle for less than every convenience store POS software feature you need with industry-leading data control and reporting. Give your business the advantage of LOC Software.