ThriVersA Mobile POS Software

Increase Efficiency with Access to Your Solutions on Mobile Devices

Assist customers anywhere in your store and manage your business on the go with ThriVersA Mobile POS. ThriVersA Mobile POS keeps your team connected wherever they’re working, replacing wasted steps to stationary terminals with greater productivity. Our retail mobile POS solution allows you to set up extra lanes during peak traffic times to minimize waiting and increase customer satisfaction.With the ThriVersA mobile POS solution, you run the same software on mobile devices and stationary POS terminals. Therefore, you can deliver consistent customer experiences, and employees can move between tasks without additional training. Reimagine your operations, free from wired POS terminals.

Learn How to Transform Your Retail Operations by Mobilizing Store Associates

With decades on the leading edge of POS technology, LOC’s team is ready to leverage its expertise to help you successfully implement your mobile point of sale solution.

What Differentiates LOC from Other Mobile Point of Sale Systems

ThriVersA Mobile is flexible, provides easy access to data, and supports your retail business’s success.

Line Busting

  • Assist customers in the aisles to keep lines short at the checkout.
  • Quickly establish a lane, checkout, or returns counter during peak times.
  • Easily accept a range of payment methods and print or email receipts.

Curbside or In-Store Pickup

  • Meet customers where they engage, inside or outside the store.
  • Use mobile devices to confirm orders and transactions are complete.
  • Allow customers to add items to their orders for incremental revenue.

Inventory and DSD

Endless Aisle

  • Check the availability of out-of-stock items when assisting customers.
  • Give customers access to the entire store inventory with assistance.
  • Place orders for in-store pickup or delivery to the customer’s home.


Personalized Service

  • Personalize transactions by accessing customer history and data.
  • Enable earning and redeeming rewards during mobile transactions.
  • Capture data in-store for targeted marketing, offers, and upselling.

Experience the Power of Mobile POS Functionality in the Palm of Your Hand

See how your business will benefit with mobile POS solutions that allow you to access information, collect data, and provide on-the-spot customer service. We’ll create a personalized demo that lets you explore the possibilities with LOC software.