ThriVersA POS

Easy-to-Use Browser-Based Point of Sale Software, Configured Your Way

LOC ThriVersA POS is the browser-based version of our industry-leading point of sale software. It gives you access to LOC’s 500+ POS software features but with the freedom to run the solution on virtually any tablet or mobile device. The solution’s in-app Button Editor allows you to design POS screens to optimize workflows for your teams. You can add functionality with modules including ThriVersA Loyalty, ThriVersA Mobile, and ThriVersA Payments to optimize customer-facing processes. By integrating with LOC Back Office Solutions, you’ll create a comprehensive yet easy-to-use retail management system.

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Explore the Features of ThriVersA POS Software

Our modular POS solutions are flexible, giving you a la carte access to options you need today and the agility to adapt in the future.


Hardware-Agnostic Software

  • Run ThriVersA POS on your choice of a wide variety of tablets and mobile devices.
  • Our browser-based system is operating system (OS) agnostic.
  • Create small-footprint self-checkout systems with easy-to-configure screens.


Mobile Store Management

  • Centrally manage POS and back office endpoints, across all locations.
  • Print shelf labels to a belt printer or save labels to print in a batch.
  • Close out drawers and easily transition from mobile to PC to complete tasks.


POS Security

  • The solution is Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Visa security standard compliant.
  • It’s designed to keep data safe while providing the data and functionality you need.
  • Integrates with ThriVersA Payments to mitigate losses and fraud.

Item Maintenance

  • Import and export from Excel with easy copy and paste functionality.
  • Easily access real-time sales, inventory, cost, and other reports.
  • Customize grids to control where data resides and how it’s used.

Count on LOC to Provide the Best Point of Sale System

LOC gives you a vast number of options to create the best-fit point of sale system for your retail business. But which do you choose? Our certified reseller technicians have decades of experience in your industry and can help you build a POS solution tailored to the unique needs of your retail operations.