ThriVersA Mobile Office

Maintain Control of Store Operations with Mobile Back-Office Software

Manage your business on the go with ThriVersA Mobile Office. Our software is hardware-agnostic, so you have the same functionality on a tablet as on a back-office computer. ThriVersA suite is fully integrated, providing access to each area of your business from your mobile device. Our mobile back-office software allows you to track inventory, pick and fulfill online orders, and label shelves and products. You can also change screen configurations to refine workflows, set pricing for one or multiple stores, and run reports for one or multiple stores — all from a mobile device.
ThriVersA Mobile Office

The Back-Office Management Solution for the New Era of Work

You need a way to access data for informed decisions, address unexpected issues, and react with agility – wherever you work. Our mobile back-office software empowers you with the flexibility and functionality necessary to work efficiently and productively.

Why Choose LOC for Your Mobile Back Office

We designed ThriVersA for effective store or enterprise omnichannel operation management.


Order Fulfillment

  • Access pick orders to fulfill online orders accurately and efficiently.
  • Pick multiple orders simultaneously and verify orders.
  • Sort orders by location and tag for easy identification at pickup.


Inventory Management

  • Scan shelf tags,product UPC’s, or use item lookup to create purchase orders.
  • Receive orders and manage direct store delivery (DSD).
  • Take inventory counts, transfer stock between departments or stores.


Mobile Management

  • Complete item verification and maintenance by field or create batches.
  • Print labels to a belt printer or create queues for printing later.
  • Transition from mobile to PC within a single task.


Supply Chain Management

  • Generate purchase orders based on stock levels, sales, or forecasts.
  • Manage direct store delivery (DSD) accounts, inventory, and receiving.
  • Transfer items from the stockroom to the floor or between stores.

Are You Ready to See How ThriVersA Mobile Office Will Work for Your Business?

Contact us for a personalized demonstration based on your retail operation and workflows. Get ready to see how your store can gain new visibility and efficiency.