ThriVersA Self-Service POS Systems

Deploy Kiosks to Boost Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Consumers want the option to skip the line to place orders, join or manage their loyalty rewards accounts, and complete transactions independently. Meet their demands with LOC ThriVersA Self-Service POS software. This add-on to LOC POS allows shoppers to place orders at a deli or made-to-order food counter. They can join a loyalty rewards program and manage their accounts at a LOC-powered Kiosk. Customers can also view and clip coupons before checking out. This flexible self-service POS solution allows you to engineer experiences that will delight your customers with access to all the information necessary to enhance shopping journeys. You’ll also minimize the time they spend waiting in line.

Your Resource for Self-Service POS Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a self-service kiosk that engages customers or controls the queue at the deli, LOC offers an easy-to-implement solution. Let’s talk about your application.

Give Your Shoppers Self-Service Convenience Across Your Store

Our easy to use self-service POS system allows you to meet customers’ demands for autonomy and the control of their shopping experiences.



  • Accept program sign-ups and enable profile management at a user-friendly kiosk.
  • Allow customers to check their loyalty rewards or points balances.
  • LOC uses the same engine for kiosk and mobile to sync points and offers.



  • Use deli mode to allow customers to place orders without assistance.
  • Attach printers to provide customers with order confirmation.
  • Configure screens with eye-catching images and graphics.

Offers and Coupons

  • Enable shoppers to browse, access, and claim offers.
  • Add peripheral devices for scanning and printing.
  • Share information via secure QR codes.

Endless Aisle

  • Provide an easy way to check item availability from a kiosk.
  • Display flyers and promotions as well as product information.
  • Allow shoppers to place orders and complete transactions.

Experience LOC Self-Service POS Ease of Use for Yourself

Every retailer wants to know the self-service experiences they offer are intuitive and efficient. Let us create a demo tailored to your business to give you a customer’s view of self-service they’ll love.