Grocery Store Software

Exceptional Customer Experiences, Unparalleled Management Capabilities

Throughout the vast changes in the grocery industry over the past three decades, LOC Software has remained at the forefront. Our flexible, modular grocery store POS software allows you to meet the demands of digital-first consumers in addition to delivering optimal in-person service and employee productivity. Our unparalleled back-office capabilities enable you to manage purchasing, inventory, goods movement, and pricing centrally and deploy information and updates to each store. And with full control of your data, you can create reports that allow granular visibility into your business.

Furthermore, LOC ThriVersA is now browser-based, allowing you to see your data anywhere from any device. It also eliminates the need to install software on each workstation, whether you have 1 or 500 stores. This provides your IT team with the tools they need to run stores efficiently, making POS screen changes, receiving error reporting and messages from all stores, and setting security policies, all from a single location.

Grocery Store Software

The Path to Grocery Technology Digital Transformation

Operating a competitive, profitable business in the digital age requires a fully integrated system of tech solutions. Explore the advantages of LOC ThriVersA.

Gain a Competitive Edge with LOC Grocery Store Software

LOC optimizes efficiency and customer experiences in over 60,000 lanes in grocery stores worldwide. Whether you want to increase transaction speed, add self-service, or gain deeper visibility into operations, LOC is the only grocery store software you need.

LOC offers the most flexible loyalty program available. You can target promotions based on customer data and create seasonal or event-related promotions. It is also fully integrated with our next-gen POS software and can integrate with partners’ systems for unique offerings.

Equip your team for productivity on the fly. Verify prices, print signs and labels from a belt printer, and manage inventory, shrink, and DSD. Create batches and reports from your mobile device. ThriVersA  Mobile also includes all grocery POS software functionality necessary for line-busting.

LOC Software is hardware-agnostic, which allows you to deploy sleek, small-footprint self-service kiosks. Our configurable grocery software also enables you to create a user-friendly interface that guides customers through the checkout process so they can easily complete transactions independently.

LOC’s Real-World Impact

“We can streamline processes and get the data we need, more importantly, when we need it. In this fast-moving market, we need the ability to make decisions quickly, and our reporting tools with eSuite empower our team.”
— Joe Parisi, President and COO of New York, Food Group

Solutions for Every Part of Your Business

LOC gives you the tools you need to optimize customer-facing, back-office, and IT management processes. Every solution is configurable to adapt to your workflows, processes, and policies.

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LOC distinguishes itself by offering the flexibility to tailor the grocery store POS system to include the specific features to elevate customer experiences, foster loyalty, and improve operational efficiency.