ThriVersA Store

Store Management Has Never Been So Easy

ThriVersA Store allows retailers to overcome challenges with disjoined IT environments and limited visibility. Our store management software is web-based and hardware-agnostic, making deployment on any device, including a -PC, tablet, or even your phone fast and easy. ThriVersA Store simplifies purchasing, pricing, and inventory management and automates many daily tasks, such as loans and pickups. LOC designed ThriVersA Store so retailers can easily configure reports with the precise information they need. ThriVersA provides you the tools you need to run your business from the front end to the back office.
ThriVersA Store

Partner with the Experts

For more than three decades, LOC has led the industry in retail management software. We designed our accessible, configurable point of sale (POS) and back-office systems for optimizing retail performance, your way.

The Ultimate Store Management Tool

ThriVersA Store simplifies many daily tasks, saving time and increasing accuracy.


Cashier Balancing

  • Balance lane or till by operator with daily, weekly, or open entry.
  • Use the system calculator to count by coin, roll, or bill.
  • Pick ups, loans, and declares, from a media list or report.


Money Management

  • Assign identifiers to currency and track pickups by lane or operator.
  • Automate bank deposit procedures with automated pickup entries.
  • Accurately print deposit slips from ThriVersA Store software.


POS Configuration

  • Manage devices in each lane or checkout from the back office or mobile device.
  • Configure and update screens simultaneously for consistency and security.
  • Use our hardware-agnostic software on any terminal, tablet, kiosk, or device.



  • Access your store balance sheets with daily or weekly views.
  • Generate cashier balance sheets with transaction details.
  • Leverage automated reports and end-of-day processes.

Put ThriVersA Store to the Test

We’re so confident that ThriVersA Store will enhance operations in your store, we’re ready to prove it with your systems and data. See for yourself in a personalized demonstration with one of our experienced consultants.