Specialty Retail POS Software

Optimize Customer Experiences and Maximize Operational Efficiency

Growing competition and evolving consumer preferences require specialty retailers to stay agile, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and maximize operational efficiency. LOC specialty retail POS software gives you the tools you need. With the industry’s most flexible, fully integrated loyalty software, LOC also allows you to reward customers and influence future purchasing decisions. You can also deliver exceptional customer experiences in-store and online. However, the benefits of LOC software don’t end with customer-facing processes. We also empower you to build the optimal retail management system for your business, whether you operate 1 or 500 stores. Our browser-based, hardware-agnostic system eliminates the need to install software on each workstation or device. Manage items and pricing, screen configurations, and business policies from a single screen for accurate, consistent data across your entire retail chain.

Specialty Retail POS Software

Discover the Benefits of Software Tailored to Your Specialty Retail Store

LOC Software provides retailers with a versatile store management system, enabling them to distinguish their businesses through distinctive and customer-centric experiences.

Software Configurable for Your Niche

LOC software keeps pet stores, liquor stores, general stores, hardware stores, and other specialty retailers worldwide running efficiently every day. Our flexible software allows you to choose the modules you need for the unique way you do business.

ThriVersA POS

LOC browser-based software enables you to assist customers and complete transactions from any POS terminal or mobile device. Choose the point of sale features and configure screens for the best user experiences, even for self-service checkout. Access real-time reporting from ThriVersA POS on business performance for smarter business decisions. 

ThriVersA Supply Chain

Although the scope of your specialty retail inventory is narrow, it is likely very complex. LOC provides a granular yet easy-to-use inventory management system that scales with your business. Track inventory from receiving to sales, mitigate shrink, and monitor stock levels. You can also implement LOC with low overhead. 

Back Office Solutions

Our best-of-breed back-office solution allows you to control data flow and communications across your store or entire enterprise. It provides you with centralized item maintenance, purchasing, and inventory management capabilities. Additionally, all logs are available in real time, giving you instant insights into store and IT system performance.

LOC’s Real-World Impact

“The team takes the time to understand our requirements, gives realistic feedback and is a true partner in the industry.”
— Ben’s Supercenter

Management Capabilities for All Aspects of Your Business

Streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and increase inventory accuracy with a fully integrated software environment from LOC Software. Reporting from your specialty retail POS system will also help you make data-driven decisions for more accurate forecasting, optimized scheduling, and greater profitability.

Your Next Step Toward a More Successful Future

Connect with LOC for expertise in specialty retail operations and the technology that will help you optimize them.