Retail Payments with ThriVersA Payments

Engage Customers with Personalized Checkout Experiences

Payment is the final touchpoint in a shopping journey. Make the most of the opportunity to enhance that experience and engage your customers with LOC ThriVersA Payments. Give your customers retail payment options, including contactless payments, mobile wallets, multiple tenders, gift cards, and loyalty rewards points. LOC software also allows you to create coupons, set expirations and restrictions, and automatically calculate discounts at the checkout. Your customers will appreciate fast, smooth checkout processes, and you’ll benefit from reliable transactions and data that helps you put your business on a growth track.

Partner with a Team with Industry and Tech Know-How

With decades of experience, LOC has the expertise to help you create customer-centric and loyalty-building checkout experiences leveraging a range of retail payment types. Reach out to discuss your objectives today.

Get the Tools Your Need to Accept a Range of Retail Payment Types

Payment choice influences where consumers shop. Offer flexible payment options that build loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Loyalty and Gift Card Integration

  • In-house or Web service API for loyalty and gift card acceptance.
  • Real-card balance for store gift cards across the chain.
  • Reward redemption from multiple points programs or clubs.

Omnichannel Payments

  • Recognition of customers anywhere they engage.
  • "Clippable" offers for online, mobile, or app transactions.
  • Enterprise-wide reporting and analysis.

Seamless Checkout

  • Store and forward (SAF) processing for offline transactions.
  • Customer files associated with payment and rewards accounts.
  • Leverage AI to intelligently identify the best promotions or offers.
  • Automatic discount or deal calculations based on offers.

Centralized Refund

  • Gateway access to original transaction details from any location.
  • Scan receipt or manual entry of one item or entire purchase.
  • No possibility of duplicate refunds with one receipt.

Are You Missing a Prime Opportunity to Engage Your Customers?

See how to cap off a great shopping journey with a range of retail payment type options that delight your customers. Let us create a personalized demo that will show you what your employees and customers will experience with payments orchestrated by LOC.