ThriVersA Fuel Station POS

Manage Your Business Profitably and Compliantly

LOC offers C-stores and other non-branded fuel retailers ThriVersA Fuel. Our fuel station POS software module, a part of the LOC point of sale and back office systems, creates a comprehensive store management system. You can easily manage prices at the point of sale, back-office workstation, or head office to ensure profitable margins on your sales. LOC also gives you deep insights into your data to help you run a profitable business while meeting market demand and delivering optimal customer experiences.

The First Step Toward a More Efficient Operation

LOC’s team has decades of experience providing POS solutions in your industry. Let us show you how to transform your business with feature-rich, purpose-built fuel station POS software.

Why LOC ThriVersA Fuel Stands Out from the Competition

Our software doesn’t lock you into processes that weren’t designed for your business. We give you fuel station POS software your way.

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Flexible Configuration

  • Split island allows you to switch between full- and self-service sales.
  • Record video of drive away and collection alerts to minimize losses.
  • Communicate multi-level pricing, i.e., cash vs. credit, at the pump.


Loyalty Rewards

  • Offer loyalty rewards at the pump to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Effectively cross-market at the fuel pump to encourage in-store traffic.
  • Choose from dozens of reward options based on spend, visits, or other criteria.

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Sales Reporting

  • Validate counter values and tank readings with shift changes.
  • Tender in-store sales at the pump and reconcile credit and debit sales.
  • Streamline processes with a single balancing report for fuel and store.


  • LOC is certified with leading fuel controllers and tank gauges.
  • ThriVersA Fuel works seamlessly with pay-at-the-pump devices.
  • Choose from among top payment processes for EMV and swipe payments.

Try Our POS System for Fuel Retailers Firsthand

When you partner with LOC, you don’t have to imagine the possibilities. Let us create a personalized demo based on the unique needs of your retail operations.