Cloud Retail Solutions

The LOC Functionality You Love with the Benefits of the Cloud

LOC retail software delivered via the cloud offers numerous benefits. It reduces the need for on-premises servers and infrastructure, reducing the initial and ongoing costs associated with a POS system. Transitioning from client-server to browser-based deployment also streamlines multi-store management. Cloud retail solutions allow operators to manage activities, including purchasing, deliveries, and pricing, centrally and push updates to all locations. Managers can also configure screens and buttons for all stores for consistency and compliance with policies and gain real-time visibility across all lanes and locations.

See What LOC Has to Offer

LOC’s cloud-based software suite provides a wide range of options to create a system that delivers maximum value. Explore the options with LOC’s ThriVersA, industry-specific solutions, and integrations.

Explore the Possibilities with ThriVersA

Choose from modules in LOC’s ThriVersA software suite to create a seamless, accessible system that optimizes workflows, enables data sharing, and enhances customer experiences.

The Benefits of Choosing LOC for Cloud Retail Solutions

Enterprises get more than software when they choose LOC retail cloud solutions. Leveraging three decades of experience providing retail point of sale solutions, LOC’s team works to ensure success with its solutions.

Ease of Use

LOC prioritizes delivering solutions tailored to each business but easy to deploy and maintain.

Expert, Local Support

LOC’s extensive reseller network provides retailers with personalized support.

No Onsite Servers Third-Party Integrations

Lighten the load for your IT team with quick installation and no on-prem systems to maintain.

Flexible Data Management

Retain control over data, where it resides, and how to use it for reporting and business insights.

Future-Proof Solutions

LOC not only exceeds expectations today but provides a platform for meeting future needs.

Proven Technology

Every day, LOC enhances operational efficiency and transactions in 10,000+ installs worldwide.

Are You Looking to Future-Proof Your Business?

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