ThriVersA Retail Enterprise Management Software

Benefit from Complete Control and Visibility Across Your Entire Chain

Take full control of your multi-store environment with ThriVersa Retail Enterprise software. This module, which complements ThriVersA Back Office, is 100% web-based. There’s nothing to install on point of sale (POS) terminals or devices, and there’s no operating system dependency. It’s also hardware-agnostic, giving you ultimate portability. You can centrally manage all items, purchasing, inventory, costing, and pricing wherever you’re working and deploy information to all stores. Also, if you choose cloud hosting, you can protect your data, ensure it’s always accessible, and build these capabilities into your disaster recovery strategy. ThriVersA Enterprise puts all of these features and functionality at your fingertips with simple and intuitive user screens.

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Rely on LOC’s decades of experience providing solutions to multi-store organizations to streamline enterprise operations to increase operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Choose the Optimal Enterprise Retail Software System for Your Chain

Explore the advantages of ThriVersA Enterprise and discover how our enterprise solution can streamline your retail chain.

Store Management

  • Compare files from across the chain and identify discrepancies.
  • Manage screen configurations and issue updates centrally.
  • Support for corporate planning of rollouts and updates.


Flexible Reporting

  • Import and export from Excel with simple copy and paste functionality.
  • Create your own views with total control over your data.
  • Design pivot tables with the data you need right within the application.


Centralized IT Management

  • Message Center provides prioritized notifications from all store locations.
  • Scheduler automates tasks from data backup to pushing information to stores.
  • Logs provide real-time access to all activity and error reports.


Smart Design

  • The system uses clean architecture, with one database and a single core.
  • Enterprise is based on enduring standards, like SQL, XML, and HTML.
  • It’s infinitely scalable and open to grow and adapt with your business.

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Overcome the challenges of manual processes, inaccessible data, and lack of real-time visibility with a solution designed for your enterprise. We’ll show you the value with a demo personalized for your organization. Take the first step toward increased operational efficiency.