ThriVersA Loyalty Rewards Program Software

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LOC ThriVersA Loyalty provides you with the key to an effective rewards program: Data. LOC gives you complete control of your loyalty reward program information so you can generate actionable insights. ThriVersA Loyalty is available with LOC Point of Sale. It also integrates with a variety of applications for deeper insights. Retailers can use AI to target offers based on customers’ habits and intelligently make the loyalty offers that resonate. Our platform also ensures that whether a bundled price or discount will resonate with the customer that the store still makes margin on the sale. ThriVersA Loyalty also empowers retailers to automate tasks, from customer segmentation to sending notifications by email or text (SMS). Additionally, managers can monitor performance based on redemption rate or breakdown by store, accessing information at any time with easily configurable reports.

Earn Repeat Business and Increase Customer Engagement with LOC Loyalty

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Why ThriVersA Loyalty Program Software Stands Out from the Competition

LOC empowers you to create and administer a rewards program that drives revenue growth and increases customer retention.


Points Programs

  • Create and manage up to 35 different points programs.
  • Streamline points balance adjustments, audits, and statements.
  • Manage at enterprise and store-level for maximum benefits.


Customer Segmentation

  • Segment lists by sales, profit, basket size, and/or visits.
  • Analyze data by date, store, and customers for more detail.
  • Use insights to issue rewards and craft effective messages.


Coupon Wizard

  • Generate coupons with an easy, step-by-step process.
  • Choose from a range of coupon types and offer values.
  • Add criteria and automatically create coupon codes.


Targeted Offers

  • Use analytics and customer criteria to make relevant offers.
  • Select customers based on profile, spending, and other criteria.
  • Make offers “clippable” for use online, in app, or at the POS.

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