Retail Back Office Software

Centralized Management for Ultimate Control and Visibility

LOC’s Retail Back Office Software empowers independent, high-volume retailers with data, visibility, and control, whether they operate one or 50+ stores. It facilitates central management of set-up, screen and button configurations, communications, data flow, and security for each terminal at each store. But LOC not only gives managers control of the enterprise system. It gives them control of the enterprise. Retailers can easily import item information and pricing from vendors and wholesalers, set pricing for all stores, and share data with accounting. LOC also allows any user, regardless of tech expertise, to create reports quickly and easily.

See Why LOC Is the Only Software Necessary to Run a Retail Operation

LOC has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions for the front of house in addition to our industry-leading back office system. Browse our company brochure to learn what LOC has to offer.

Build the Optimal Back Office POS Solution

LOC’s flexible back office POS allows businesses to choose modules from our ThriVersA suite necessary to streamline workflows essential to their operations.

Why Companies Choose LOC's Retail Back Office Software Solutions

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, LOC understands what merchants need from their point of sale and retail back office software and from the company that provides it.


LOC allows retailers to create the tech stack best suited to their operations and their goals.


LOC has long-standing relationships with partners worldwide to provide personalized support.


Retailers can expand their solutions with third-party integrations via secure, accessible APIs.

Mobile Management

Hardware-agnostic LOC allows managers to access the system from a mobile device, any time.

Browser-Based Software

Decrease maintenance costs of on-premises hardware by transitioning to software in the cloud.

Data Access

Managers control data and report configuration for smarter, informed decision-making.

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