Retail Software and POS Integration APIs

LOC Software’s Partner Ecosystem Offers Retailers a Broad Range of Features and Capabilities

LOC Software is committed to offering the most flexible retail management and point of sale (POS) system available. To ensure that retailers can build an IT environment without limits, LOC has built relationships with a network of integration partners that offer industry-leading and innovative solutions. With our back office and POS integration APIs, the communication and data sharing with our partners solutions is seamless, allowing you to create a single, unified solution that requires minimal maintenance by your team.

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LOC’s Hardware, App, and Solutions Partners

LOC is proud to partner with many different companies that share our goal of providing retailers with the best management and POS systems. Here are a few of those companies:


The Real-World Impact of LOC Partnerships

Watch these videos to see how LOC retail management and POS integration enhances operations and customer satisfaction for our customers.


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See How Our Partnerships Benefit Your Business

Talk to your LOC certified reseller about retail management and POS integration options that will help you achieve your vision of the perfect IT system for your business.

POS Integration FAQs

We support integrations via unified APIs, which mean that retailers don’t have to manage individual integrations when system updates or security patches are necessary.
LOC certified resellers have expertise in retail segments and in technology. They consult with retailers to understand their needs and recommend the best solutions.
LOC’s browser-based software ThriVersA is hardware agnostic. It runs on any POS terminal, computer, mobile device, self-service kiosk, or other network-connected hardware.